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If you've joined a lot of Discord servers, your notifications and channels can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, Discord allows you to edit your notification preferences at the server, channel, and user level.
Plus, you can organize the servers you're a part of and quickly search for things throughout all servers.

How to add a server to a folder

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As you join various servers, they will start appearing on the left side.
If you want to add servers in a folder, drag one server on top of another. A folder will be formed. After that, you can add two or more servers to that folder. Here is a short video showing how to do it.

Adjusting your notifications

When you are part of many servers, you will have to adjust your notifications so it doesn't become overwhelming. There are 3 levels of adjustments you can make.
  1. Platform Level
  1. Server Level
  1. Channel Level

Platform Level

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Click on the User Settings button.
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User Settings will open. Click on the Notifications button.
You can enable/disable desktop notification by pressing the toggle on and off respectively.
When Discord is open and a notification appears, your taskbar starts flashing. You can disable that alert by switching the Enable Taskbar Flashing off.
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When the Enable unread message badge is switched on, a small popup will appear on top of the channels with unread messages. A red line appears where you previously stopped reading.

Server Level

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Right-click on the server that you want to manage. A pop-up will appear.
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When you click on the Notification settings, a popup will open.
  • We recommend setting your notifications to ‘Only @mentions’ to avoid too many interruptions. You will get a notification whenever someone sends a message mentioning you.
  • If you no longer want notifications from a particular Discord server, you can enable ‘Suppress @everyone and @here’ by clicking the toggle.
  • If you no longer want role mention, you can also disable it by pressing the toggle button

Channel Level

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You can also manage settings at the channel level. Click on ‘Select a channel,’ and it will show all the channels in that server.
  • After selecting a particular channel, four options will appear. You can select or deselect them.
  • After you have configured your notification settings, hit Done. Channel permissions override the server permissions.
Tip: You can also configure notification preferences of a category in the same way that you do it for a channel.
Notification Sounds
Lower in the notifications, you will see the sound category. Enable/disable the sounds according to your preferences.
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Email Notifications
Further down are the email notification preferences. Choose the types of emails you would like to receive.
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When you click Ctrl+k on Discord, a popup will open (below) that you can use for search.
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  • Use @username to search for a Discord account. When you click on it, the DM window will open.
  • Use # to search for text channels.
  • Use ! to search for voice channels.
  • Use * to search for a server.
Advanced search helps you find people, conversations, files, and more across servers. Use search queries like usernames, channels, and specific terms in the Advanced Search to find what you’re looking for.
Access the Advanced Search in a server by clicking on the search button in the top-right of a text channel. You can combine search queries to filter results.
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from: user
Search messages of a particular user on a server
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mentions: user
Search mentions of a particular user
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has: link, embed or file
Search links/embeds/files sent by a user. When you type ‘has:’, various options will appear. Hover over the option that you want to choose. A plus sign will appear. Type or click on the plus button.
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has: link from: user
For example, search for all the links sent by Bhaumik with has: link from: bhaumik#5571
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before: specific date from:user
Find the messages of a particular user before, during, or after a specific date.
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in: channel-name before: date
Search for messages in a channel before a particular date.
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in:channel from:user
Search all the messages sent by a particular user in a channel.