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Crypto, Culture & Society 🍎 
Crypto, Culture & Society 🍎 

Crypto, Culture & Society 🍎 

We are a learning DAO exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. Our mission is to build liberal arts education for crypto. We're a group of technologists, creators, community builders, educators, and lifelong learners.
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A publication hosted on Mirror to share the key takeaways from CCS workshops, key announcements and other writing.
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  • Decentralized Media Jan 14, 2022 Jarrod Dicker and Gaby Goldberg, investors at The Chernin Group came to speak with Crypto, Culture and Society about Decentralized Media.
  • Art3: A Crypto Exploration Jan 4, 2022 Artist and designer Bhoka came to speak to Crypto, Culture and Society about “Art3”, her frame for the intersection of art and crypto.
  • Playing the Great Online Game Dec 7, 2021 Not Boring writer, investor and thinker Packy McCormick spoke about curiosity, creativity and how best to play the Great Online Game.
Translations: Workshop Takeaways
A curated started pack for those new to the concept of public goods and want to learn about public goods definition, history, opportunities and more.
Web3 Starter Pack
A curated guide for those who are new to crypto. Learn the basics of web3 and the parts that make it up like DAOs, NFTs and DeFi.
The Essential Guide to Discord
A comprehensive guide on how to use Discord more effectively and help you be more productive, focused and connected with your communities.
Launching Mar 2022
A curation project to raise the standard of effective curation by leveraging experts in instructional design and knowledge mapping.