First 30-60-90 days in an early stage startup

Table of Contents

I thought the first 30 days of my PM job would be (examples of what it should be), but in reality it wasn’t really that case.

First 30 days

Excited because it’s the type of industry I actually believe in — Education and Sustainability.
  • treat the product as if it’s your own like you’re the cofounder. What would you do?
  • There will be expectations. But chin up, prioritise and talk to your manager
  • There will be imposter syndrome acting up.
  • Learning the product(s) through and through. Not looking for predetermined answers. We’re looking for problems.
  • Building trust — how? Sometimes I have a feeling that my colleagues lack trust in me, eg taking over my presentations. There aren’t any quick wins that I can do because it’s either covered by someone else already OR I need a longer time so there aren’t any quick wins at all.
  • Focus on your strengths — In the end, I can only focus on myself and my strengths. Either talk to your manager (which I did, and cleared up some things) or put your head down and focus on the work 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even if I’m not charismatic, it’s fine. Just be me. Focus on my strengths.
  • Don’t lose sight of the BIG PICTURE. Don’t get swept into the mess that is Janet’s thoughts. Remember the bigger picture. Don’t get pulled into the details.
Some tips on the product:
On researching
  • I just realised my way of researching is to identify products first → deep-dive one by one for each product. I get a better idea of the product, but it takes some time to go through every time so I don’t have much context for the rest. Instead, what I can do in future is to go through summaries of each product by looking for their tutorial video on YouTube. So:
  • Identify products first → Watch short tutorial videos for each of them → Deep dive one by one
  • IF I CAN NOT find any videos, just skip to the next one. Don’t get too caught up about it.
  • Onboarding
  • Research on competitors - courses
  • Research on competitors - LMS platforms
  • Research on general e-learning
  • Logo design talk
  • Wrap up research on competitor courses
  • Come up with JTBD questions for user research calls for learners
  • Gather website inspiration for the website
  • Start putting together screenshots on Miro for research
  • Generally just to get the feel of GIFT.ed
  • Update product vision doc

60 days

MVP Platform
  • User journey mapping
  • User stories
  • Requirements gathering for MVP platform
  • Add more scope for the platform and clean product specs
  • Revisit MVP and user stories to polish up
  • Product roadmap
  • A more detailed product scope work
  • NEC call with Elsa
User research
  • User research calls
  • Clean up user research and create a user persona
  • Buyer persona — clients side
Course + community
  • Course platform discussions
  • Community
  • Discussion on Course 1 execution
  • Timeline for engaging with learners + content production
  • Website feedback and edits