Messaging Basics

Sending Messages

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Sending messages is Discord's core action.
To begin sending a message, select the Chat Bar within a given text channel. Doing so will activate your text cursor allowing you to type.
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On a web browser, hitting enter on your keyboard will post the message to the given text channel.
On mobile (left), you will tap the send button.

Editing Messages

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Hovering over a message you've previously sent will reveal an option to Edit your message — indicated by a ✏️ icon.
Clicking on ✏️ will allow you to edit your sent message.

Sending GIFs and emojis

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You can attach images, videos, GIFs, emojis, and other files by clicking the "+" button on the left of the Chat Bar.
On mobile, there will be a ">" button you will have to tap to reveal this.
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For GIFs, clicking the GIF button will activate the following preview window. You can browse and select GIFs directly from this window to send.
Any GIF selected in this preview window will automatically send — so keep this in mind as you browse!
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In the same GIF preview screen, you can click into the Emoji tab to reveal a suite of emojis available to add to your messages. These do not get automatically sent.
Greyed-out emojis mean it is unavailable for use within this particular server. A Discord Nitro paid subscription removes this limitation.

Reacting to Messages

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Emojis helps to make the Discord experience more fun.
You can put the same emoji reaction someone has already posted by clicking on the reacted emoji.
You can also add any other emoji by clicking on the Emoji button and selecting the emoji which you want to use.
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If you want to react to a message that does not have an emoji reaction, just hover over the message and an Emoji button will appear. Click on the button and choose the emoji you want to use.
Emojis reactions can be used in a variety of ways: for fun, to show support, to vote on something, or to trigger a bot.

Why use emojis?

There are a number of ways people use emojis (and you can invent your own reason!). Here are a few of the popular uses:
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For fun/to show support
The image shows one of the memes from the meme-here channel of the CCS Discord. You can see that the reactions can be used to show support to a message. People use emojis to react to the memes just for fun.
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To vote
You can also vote using an emoji. Follow the prompt provided in the message.
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To trigger a bot
A bot is an automated tool that will send messages or take action in Discord.
Sesh bot is a bot for sending event reminders. It is a common add-on to many Discord servers. Sesh bot will send you a Discord direct message - or DM - when you sign up for an event and as a reminder for an event. When you react to ✅, the bot is triggered.

Replying to Messages

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Hovering over a message will reveal additional options including:
  • React with an emoji
  • Reply to the message
  • Start a thread.
Replying quotes the first line of the message you are replying to and links it to your response.

Sharing Messages

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To share a message, hover over the message you'd like to share to reveal additional options and click the "..." to activate a dropdown menu.
Select Copy Message Link to copy the message link to your clipboard.
Sharing this link connects people to this message within this channel or within this server. If the person you are sharing with does not have access to any of the above, they will not be able to view the message.


To mention individual users, go to the chatbox where you type your message. Insert @ and type the username of the user you’d like to mention. Assuming the following user has notifications enabled, sending this message will notify them of the mention.
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Discord also has the option to mention @everyone (notifies all channel members). They are typically disabled on most servers to prevent spam. They are usually used to send important updates or announcements to the entire community.
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@here (notifies all channel members currently online) mentions are also typically disabled on most servers. They are used for many purposes such as for a quick poll or an announcement for an informal discussion.
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Discord Basics
Discord Basics