Messaging Best Practices

Formatting your Messages for Ease of Reading

You can format your text on Discord. Select the part of the text you want to format and a small toolbox will open.
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Formatting options include:
  • bold
  • italicize
  • strikethrough
  • code
  • hide spoiler (pictured below)
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Pinned Messages

Pinned Messages allow server members to pin important messages to the top of a given channel. These could be important announcements or ongoing threads the group would like to keep track of.
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To pin a message, click ... on a message and click Pin Message. By default, only admins are able to pin messages in a server. But admins could also give pin permissions for certain users.
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To access the pinned messages, click on the pin icon in the top-right corner. Messages are only pinned on a channel-level, so you will need to check pins in the respective channels.
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Tip: You can click the jump link next to the pinned message in the pin window to jump all the way back to when that message was originally written!


Conversation loses its flow when you communicate in a channel so it's often better to have that conversation in a thread. Threads are generally used to have a discussion on a particular channel.
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How to start a thread
Hover over the message you want to turn into a thread. Click on the highlighted thread icon.
A popup will open on the right side. Give the thread a name and click on the Create Thread button.
Tip: Set the thread Archive After Inactivity to the maximum length so that it doesn't get unexpectedly archived.
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How to join a thread
Click on the thread that you want to join.
Click on the Join button and you will join the thread. Then click on the three dots and a popup will open.
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There are various options to manage the thread:
  • Leave thread
  • Open thread in full view
  • Adjust Notifications
  • Search
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How to check all the threads in a channel
Click on the channel that you want to check all the threads for, after that click on the Threads icon.
A popup like this will open. You can check the active threads by clicking on the Active option and the archived thread by clicking on the Archive option.