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Toxic productivity

In a recent article for The New Republic, the journalist Nick Martin writes that “this mind-set is the natural endpoint of America’s hustle culture — the idea that every nanosecond of our lives must be commodified and pointed toward profit and self-improvement.”
In other words, fuck capitalism.
A lot of journalists and authors second the point. Many of us fall victims to this fake sense of productivity, especially millennials. It's an all or nothing attitude - either we give it our all or we feel terrible if we don't.
As Anne Helen Petersen said:
"We’re so used to making every moment of ours productive in some capacity,” she said. “Like, I’m on a walk, I should listen to this information podcast that makes me more informed or a better person.”
We need rest. We deserve rest. We need rest. We shouldn't deceive ourselves into thinking we need to maximise our time. We shouldn't feel like a failure just because we didn't go to the gym or have used up our time to watch cat videos instead of working on your assignment. (but that's also bad if you watch too many cat videos. moderation is key)
We can all try to be more okay with being there for yourself. Have more compassion for yourself. You're doing the best you can, especially in this upended times. Treat yourself once in a while when you can.

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