Day 69 - Sleep is not for the weak

Sleep is for the weak. For someone who values sleep a lot, I sometimes joke about that.
I take back my joke. I didn't sleep much the night before, and I woke up groggier than usual and later. I almost called in sick.
To top it off, I'm not a coffee or tea person. So I don't depend on the caffeine to keep me awake throughout the morning and rest of day. Honestly I should have drank something the moment I woke up. My eyes feel heavy too. My productivity levels were so bad. I took things a bit slower than usual because of this. Honestly don't know how some people can go with 5 hours of sleep or less. I think I still had 6 hours of sleep, but even then I felt exhausted.
I hope everyone understands the importance of sleep. Better productivity, better concentration. Poor sleep will eventually lead to health risks.
I would love to write about this, but I don't have enough information to. I'll end this by saying I'll definitely be writing about this some time in future. Probably not in the near future though.

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