Why I write (take 2)

I’ve written about why I write back in November, but I wasn’t too happy reading it again. I wasn’t happy because it’s something you’d find in a Medium article — no substance, no emotion, just formulaic writing. It was just past the start of me writing last year, so I was still figuring things out. This piece is a second take.
  • Why I choose to write as a form of expression
  • writing well is one of the most important and powerful skills that anyone could have
  • to be able to clearly articulate your vision and ideas to others is a skill
  • it’s something that can almost be used by anyone in other mediums - writing movies, writing for fiction or non-fiction, writing for work, articulating ideas to others to move them and turn them into believers
  • i want to steer people’s emotions with my words
  • i want to articulate my thoughts in words clearly and concisely
  • i want to introspect and reflect inwards and write them down to document them
  • i want to write to learn and think better too
  • it’s the easiest but it’s also the hardest
  • choose words wisely to communicate your intentions. one slip of a word could even unintentionally cause miscommunication