Beautiful camping sites in Japan

Aug 28, 2021 06:53 AM
Tools used
Q3 2021
Product: Laidback Camp What is it: A directory of camping sites in (south of) Japan Main tool used: Webflow (Coming soon page) Supplementary tools: - Difficulty level: High (Requires more learning on Webflow)

[The Problem] Why did I make it?

Honestly, this is just for fun. I'm mainly doing this for myself! I wanted to build an aesthetic-looking site to showcase beautiful camp sites in Japan, inspired by Yuru Camp. What also pushed me to build it is because I got the BEST domain name for it — laidback.camp for cheap. However, I found out that I needed to pay an extra plan on Webflow to use my own custom domain. That deterred me from building it, but forced me to prioritise other important projects. So, this is on hold, for now.