Hi, I'm Yi Hui ✨

Product person, no-code maker, creator, and lifelong learner.

"Yi Hui" is my first name. Yihui is fine too. (She/her, dia, 他) Read here about how my name works.

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Work (and projects)

I'm a full-time product manager. Previously worked in digital marketing. At the side: → I build (no code) projects. → Co-building No Code Asia. → Write and reflect on my experiences on my blog and personal newsletter. Also, an ODNC1 (On Deck No Code) fellow → my summarised journey here.
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Always learning (and unlearning) to grow to be a better version of myself. Fun things I like:
Films, anime//manga, and NADDPOD.
Taking photos and making videos, especially my travels: Instagram + Unsplash
✨ artsy boards ✨ music playlists ✨ my digital housekeeping Sunday ✨ channels on my are.na
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Note: I'm writing to learn and think better. Writing isn't my strongest point but it's something I want to get better at. Happy to receive feedback! Read my blog, check out my personal newsletter, or my other newsletter about lessons learned from anime and films.
Summarising my months with the media and content I've consumed ⭐️: Would recommend ✅: I've finished it
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Support me by buying a cup of tea

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