Hi, I'm Yi Hui (Yihui) ✨

Product person, maker, writer.

"Yi Hui" is my first name. Yihui is fine too. (She/her, dia, 他) Read here about how my name works.
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I'm a full-time product person, currently working at a super early-stage EdTech startup. Our mission is to disrupt learning to redesign society (AKA a Coursera for “sustainability” courses). I’ll link it up when we have our website ready. In my previous “life”, I worked in digital marketing where I later realised I wanted to be more involved in product-building instead. (But I may be feeling the same for product-building now 🤡 — maybe diving into community-building? Web3? Visual arts? Unsure but let’s see) When I have time, I build (no code) projects, like Notion templates and a platform to discover and support local artists. I write and reflect on my experiences on my blog and personal newsletter, or in my other newsletter about lessons learned from anime and films. If you want to work with me, check out my working style to see if we match.
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Note: Writing isn't my strongest point but I want to get better at it. So I’m more than happy to receive feedback! Just message me on Twitter.
Introspection has been a big part of my life (daily journaling, as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews — it’s a lot lol) since the pandemic. It’s helpful for me because I’m writing to learn and think better. I completed a 50-hour yin yoga training to help integrate my current writing and introspection methods with yin. I lead with curiosity to explore and try different things, so I can get to know myself better, know what I want and don’t want, and be more in tune with my mind and body. Learning and unlearning to grow to be a better version of myself is a long process, but I’m learning to accept it’s okay to not have all the answers now. This quote is the main driver of what I’m learning to accept:
every insanely interesting person I know seems to have been completely comfortable being boring for a very long time while they investigated what exactly about their interests was interesting to them
(I wrote a blog post about this too — being okay with being boring) It’s why I have this blog slash personal site to document my learnings and experiences for myself and to share with others. But also I’m online, a lot. I’ve always been an internet native anyway since I was 12, so I always have a place(s) to host my stuff online. My early internet rabbit holes were FanFiction (writing), DeviantArt (drawing), Blogger/LiveJournal/Xanga (blogging), and even built my own ATLA fan site (building). This time it’s my own personal site to grow my library of almost anything I can think of, like an ongoing list of articles that changed me. I love films, anime/manga, art, photography, and NADDPOD. If money was no object, I would probably dedicate my time to filmmaking. Even now, I take photos and make videos, especially from my travels, in case I do make this filmmaking thing take off in future. For inspiration, I also like to curate artsy boards, music playlists, and everything else on are.na.

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