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Hi, wonderful readers of the internet. Welcome to my humble internet home! I’m Yi Hui (pronounced “Yi-Hui”). Are you here out of curiosity through one of my blog posts/digital products/social media pages, or did I accidentally say something embarrassing somewhere that warrants your attention? 🤔 Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

Professional work

  • Looking for something new in product management
  • Past PM: Edtech (MVP development), HR tech + Fintech (Redesign)
  • Past life: Digital marketing.

Personal work

I write and publish blog posts about my personal experiences and reflections. I enjoy journaling and digital gardening too. I write on my newsletter Slice of Life (life lessons in anime/manga), make no-code stuff, and experiment with stuff (See “Playground” section).

What I’m doing now

  • Getting up to speed with my product job
  • Levelling up my writing and surfskating game
  • Exploring the mind-body connection
I’m mostly active on Twitter, but you can also find me on, Instagram (ask me!), Letterboxd, Pinterest, and Spotify.
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