Day 2 - Instant gratification

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
When I was having lunch at a local restaurant today, it took almost half an hour to receive my order. I had to ask the waiters to check on my food a couple of times. Usually the food arrives 15 minutes tops on a busy day. But today, it took twice the amount of time.
I got impatient because I was getting hangry (yes it's a word you can't convince me otherwise). If I wasn't hungry, maybe I would have thought differently.
I thought about how we're spoiled by instant gratification, e.g. our food to be served within 10 minutes, online orders to be delivered on the same day, and apps to be loaded up within 1 second.
Technology spoils us. Instead of grumbling to ourselves, maybe we can use the time to notice and observe the people around us and surroundings. Take in the sights. The next thing you know you'll have the thing in front of you soon.
Unless it's a delivery. Can everyone just calm down and allow the delivery to take its time to arrive? If it's that urgent, you'd have driven to the nearest store to get the thing. Otherwise, same day or next day delivery is unnecessary and contributes to avoidable carbon emissions. (though there are claims that are the opposite, which I didn't look into yet)
But that's a different topic all together.