Day 32 - Perceiving time

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
Yesterday I told my partner it took me the entire movie (Kramer vs Kramer) to solve an issue. I can't blame his confusion after that. Usually, you would say "I spent hours" or "a lot of time" on something, but it's hard to perceive time like that.
Our sense of time is different from our other senses, which are sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. We can't "sense" time.
How long does 10 minutes "feel" like? We'd need a timer or constantly check the clock.
What's easier? Pair it with another sense. Do you like music? Pair it with the hearing sense up. 10 min is 3 songs.
So, here's the thing - I think one of the problems, when we get distracted, is we don't know how to perceive time well. We think "ok I want to distract myself for a few minutes" but that bit turns into 10 minutes, half an hour... by the time you know it, it's an hour.
It'll be good if you can find a way to: • Set a timer that tells you reminders - 10, 5 min is left etc and/or you can see the countdown, so you know how long you have to finish up that task.
For example, Pomodoro timers - it's good to break tasks down too.
For me, I'd play a movie in the background, preferably something I've seen before and/or something slow-paced.
"oh this is the scene where xyz is gonna happen, I still have some time left to finish!"
Another way: make a playlist.
I'm still experimenting, but so far I think it works for me. I like movies a lot too, so this is a win-win.