Day 44 - Prepping

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
Knowing I had to keep my promise to launch VSJO before the weekend comes, I quickly listed down the things I needed to do before the launch.
I have two nights (including Friday itself) to complete them all, which I thought was doable. (spoiler alert: it wasn't) I spent Thursday night running final tests of the app on Adalo itself, connecting it to Mixpanel so I can get some analytics in, and drafting out an email to my waiting list.
In hindsight, I should have engaged with my waiting list much earlier. I didn't send out anything to my waiting list when they signed up. I left them waiting. In the back of my head, it felt that I should have done something but I didn't act upon it. It only hit me after reading Aprilynne's Twitter thread. It's a lesson to take home. Listen to your subconscious mind, folks!
I left the app publishing on the day of the launch itself, thinking there isn't much else to do. How naive, past Yi Hui.. Lesson learned: Don't publish your project to production on the launch day itself. Explaining why in the next post.