Day 45 - Launch (or not)

Created on
Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
Last night was my planned launch, or so I thought.
My plan was to launch on a mobile app itself. Sure I had to sign up for a developers account, no big. Then I reached the payment page. I have completely forgotten we had to pay an annual fee of nearly RM400 a year for Apple and also some fee for Android too. Fine It's cool, I'll just publish it on the web for now. People can still use the mobile web to try it out. It's a step back from what I had expected but at least I'll still be launching something.
I went through Adalo's tutorial, which was... really not all that helpful if you wanted to publish using their subdomain first. I had to go to their forums to check. That's still fine, I manage to get by and follow other people's instructions. When I finally thought, yes this is the moment I can finally publish it live:
notion image
First thought:
  • Ok cool, I'll just go to the forums to check.
  • I see a few others got the same thing, ok great, what did they do?
  • Nothing. They did nothing.
  • They waited, and it finally worked for them.
But how long do I need wait for? I'm writing this the next day, but I still see the same error. So much for launching it before the weekend! I'll probably see an update from the Adalo team on Monday.
Lesson learned:
Don't publish your project or product live on the day of the launch itself. Do it the day before. No one will know the link or search your product up anyway, so you don't have to worry.
To be honest, I wasn't as upset as I made it to be. I responded, instead of reacted, quite well to the situation. A bit of a blessing in disguise as well, because I finally drafted out an email and sent it out to my waiting list first, saying hi and updating them on the situation, instead of waiting until the launch itself to welcome them.