Day 47 - May end

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
Since the start of this year, I started doing monthly reviews. And I've also dedicated myself to publish a quarterly review in public. Here's my first Q1 review ever - please be gentle.
In May, my main focus was to get my latest project out - - a visual gratitude journal. If had all the time in the world and I wanted to, I could have finished the whole project in one week. It's not at all a big project. But I spread it across the month because there were times I went into a slump or that I got busier in my full-time work. Prioritise your mental health, folks! It's still not launched yet, because I'm still waiting for Adalo to respond to my issue...
I'll definitely write a bit more on this in my Q2 review and publish it some time in early July.
I also focus on taking care of myself more by consistently working on my self-care routine:
  • Skincare routine: Morning and night
  • Meditation: 10 minutes before bed and when I wake up
  • Eating my vitamins
  • Working out thrice a week
  • Mindful eating (lesser rice, conscious about if the food I was eating is making me bloat or not etc)
Of course, there were days where I completely missed out -cough I'm talking about meditation-, but it's probably the first time I've pushed myself this far to be more mindful about my health and well-being.
One problem I still have is I'm horrible at waking up in the morning. I will toss and turn for a while and/or on my phone before getting out of bed. I want to have a better morning routine. I tell myself I want to work on it, but I haven't managed to yet. It takes something SUPER important to get me out of bed. Otherwise, shrugs.
Another habit to tackle, but too many habits in one basket (is this even a proverb) is only going to set me up for failure. Be kinder, me. You're doing the best you can. One at a time. I'll update again if I have any progress on this.