Day 54 - Don't wait till you're sick to rest

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
I woke up with some sore in my body still. It was supposed to be our house cleaning day, but my SO went ahead to do the cleaning anyway while I rest. 🥺
I say I was resting and recovering but at the same time taking things slow and easy. I started to go back to my routine. It feels nice to be doing something instead of sleeping all day. Or is this my internalised capitalism talking? It's not as if I took the entire month off. It was literally a day. That's why I'm trying to unlearn toxic productivity. It's doing more harm than good to my productivity than anything else. Going a bit off-topic here but it's related...
Has anyone seen Phantom Thread?
It's a story about a fashion designer who's obsessed with his work. He meets someone. They fall in love. He's still obsessed with his work. His lover is pissed about his attitude (power and control) towards her when it comes to working. She decides to poison him. He falls terribly ill. She takes care of him. She loves to see him vulnerable so she can take care of him. This is the only time he ever gets rest. He continues to work after that as usual. She poisons him again. He knows it was her, yet he allows her to continue.
It was a bit of a wild experience for me. To think the power dynamics between the two of them complimented each other. Aside from that note, the moral of the story is don't leave the resting when you're bedridden. Don't be like the male protagonist.