Day 66 - Meetings

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
I don't actually mean work meetings.
What I meant is meeting and having conversations with new people — on the internet. It's the only way we (or at least people like me who are still under lockdowns) are able to meet new people these days. But honestly, it's been great.
I lost count of how many people I've talked to over a video call over the past half a year! It's been a year of meeting and chatting with new people and I'm living for it. I talk to mainly indie makers and first-time founders who are building their own thing. We exchange our problems, challenges, and personal stories. I think the fact that we are able to easily connect with anyone around the globe is super underrated, but I really have Twitter to thank for that. It started with ODNC then Public Lab, but I slowly grew to reach out to people (or vice versa) on Twitter.
It doesn't only apply to people who are building things. It can be done the same if you're a writer, a speaker, an artist etc... anything really! So long you and the other person are both like-minded and agree to take it further from chatting on the DMs to video calling each other. If you both vibe even more, you're likely to gain a new friend.
The internet is unbelievable. Take a leap from consuming and start talking to people. Utilise the internet to form connections and communities. You'll gain new professional connections, and/or friends - depending on what your goal is. It's no longer 2005 when your parents tell you not to speak to strangers on the internet. Be street-smart about it, and you'll do just fine.