Day 67 - Working out

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
I spent half the afternoon trying to get the first draft of a new article I'm writing.
I got quite a lot of content down in those few hours. I was going to run that evening anyway, but I started to feel restless around 3.30 in the afternoon. Antsy even. Just so happened I reached out to my friend group to ask how they are doing in the lockdown. One of them reminded me that her husband was running a free 45-minute online HIIT and boxing class at 4 the same day. I wasn't sure about it yet because I was still trying to finish up my draft. I told her I might be late.
I joined in the end, albeit 15 minutes late. It was good timing anyway because I wanted to get my blood pumping before the run and get rid of the restlessness. Also, to support the class.
My legs were absolutely dead by the end of it, but I didn't regret joining the class. Working out does make you feel much better. The problem is always starting. After you take this first step, you're good to go.
One tip: If you feel restless, a workout will do the trick to get your blood flowing and pumping.
One mega tip: Instead of wearing your home clothes, put on a sports tee and shorts instead. That way whenever you feel like you need a quick workout, you're able to start almost immediately.