Day 73 - Customer support

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
At work on Friday, I helped take over customer support for the day as the go-to person was on leave.
I'm convinced that everyone in the company should at least take one day off to handle customer support. Sit in the seat of a customer success team and take care of the customers' questions and concerns. That way they're able to better empathise with the customers, learn their problems and how to address them.
You might get questions from customers that can be easily found in the help centre a lot. This makes you wonder — how can we create a better experience for customers so they don't have to rely heavily on customer support. Or maybe that's fine depending on the product itself (Our product is a time and attendance tracking tool). Or maybe the customers are lazy — I say this because occasionally I do reach out directly to the customer support team if I cannot find the answer to my problem fast enough.
Maybe that's the problem. Customers want answers fast. So the closest thing they can do is reach out to the customer support via the chat. I wished this wasn't the case but it is.
If only there was something that the customers can utilise without reaching out to the customer team with obvious questions. Better experience? Easier navigation? Or maybe it's fine to keep it at that. Maybe it's just me.