Day 82 - Choice

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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
I'm still brain dump writing (that means writing whatever comes to mind without worrying how it sounds like yet lol) my Q2 review.
In one of the paragraphs, I'm writing about my Q3 plans. But I'm stuck in the crossroad. I don't know if I want to:
  • Continue building new projects or growing my existing ones
  • Or focus on exploring and expanding my knowledge in different interests through reading and writing more
You could say why not both? But I still have my full-time job that takes up 9 hours in a day. By the time I finish, I only have so much hours left to do the rest of the things I want to do and wind down. By wind down, it could mean reading, watching something, self-reflecting.
I guess a better question is if I didn't have a job, what would I spend my time on? I'd still say I want to do both and since I have more time, I could split both of them up in half. Still no good answer there.
I suppose if I really dig deep enough, I'll love to explore and expand my knowledge. I guess my main concern here is that I don't have enough tangible results to show so soon, whereas if I continued building, there's almost always something that I can show quicker. But who do I want to show and why do I want to show them? Do I crave to impress? Maybe. I guess I'm also worried if I don't constantly showcase my learnings, I don't feel accountable enough. I think.
Lots of guesses and thoughts. Something for me to think about more.