Day 90 - 10 more days

Created on
Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
This is day 90 of my 100-day writing challenge I put myself into. Wow.
It's crazy how I started this 100-word writing habit in May and how it's already July. I think there were two things I noticed that are coming up from this challenge:
  1. I've decided that writing a blog post once a month is not a crazy idea. Initially I thought to myself what could I write or where can I find the time to.
      • What to write? I now have this idea bank of short pieces I've written for the past 90 days. I'm sure there are PLENTY of ideas there.
      • Where can I find the time? When writing my reflections and one other blog post, I realised it's not really the time but it's more of the fear of it. Fear, because of perfectionism that stopped me. But now that I know I can do the editing AFTER I brain dump my thoughts, it's now a bit more easier than before.
  1. It forces me to think a little bit more. In any other cases, I'd have taken the easy way out. But writing does help me to think a bit better and process my thoughts better.
Am I going to continue writing after this challenge? Hell yeah. But not every day though. I'm going to devote to:
  • Once per week threads
  • Monthly blog posts
  • Quarterly reflections + year review