Day 94 - Time flies when you're building

Created on
Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
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Aug 28, 2021 06:50 AM
I thought my Friday would be a bit slower. I started off watching a movie with my SO. Then he went off to play video games with his friends online.
There was something in my to-do list that I wanted to complete for VSJO, but I knew it would take some time to, e.g. replacing some illustrations on the landing page with actual app mockups instead. I thought maybe I could try to looking up some tools to help me with this.
...Then I kept this up for another hour, then two. Next thing I knew it was already past 1 am.
When I found some tools to help me create the mobile mockups, I was testing them out and thought to myself that I could just apply them straight away on the landing page. Then I thought about a few more things I should do to improve VSJO for my own use.
  • Integrate MailerLite to Softr so the early signups can be sent there automatically. I had planned to send out automated emails to them, but realised I don't need to anymore. I decided then I should open up VSJO to the public instead.
  • Set up Google Analytics for simple tracking on the landing page. I had to create a new GA account for VSJO and it took me to the newest GA interface which I have ZERO clue how it works, so that took a bit of time.
  • And of course, creating those mobile mockups. I failed to create something that I'm satisfied with so I decided to use simple screenshots instead.
I didn't plan on doing all these that night, but I didn't regret it. I wanted to complete this next phase before I move on to my other projects, after all. The only thing I regretted is the next morning — it was chores day. It's going to tiring.