Mental models

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Mental models are thinking tools to help you understand something.
Why are mental models important? You want to use the right tool for a given situation at the right time. They can help you understand life a little bit better, understand problems to solve them.
  • Understand how things (or systems) work
  • How to make better decisions
But there are many mental models.
"When you view the world as a series of outputs, you form opinions. But when you view the world as a series of systems, you form strategies." —Channing Allen

Types of mental models

First principles (for understanding)

Reverse-engineer a complex problem by breaking them down to the fundamentals. How would you solve the problem if you had to start from scratch?

Regret Minimisation (for decision making)

Prioritise your future self. Prioritise the projects you'll have least regret when you look back when you're older.

Pareto principle (for decision making)

It's the 80/20 rule, where 80% outputs (results) are produced by 20% inputs (causes).
For example, 80% of your success is because of you show up 20% of the time. (Woody Allen probably said that, but I'm just gonna borrow it)
Invest the 20% inputs that will get you the most output at the end.

How to apply mental models



Here are a few good resources to start: